Reasons You Might Need A Dental Crown

If your teeth have noticeable damage or decay, you might feel uncomfortable showing off your smile. Tooth impairments can have many causes, and dental crowns are a solution for a multitude of dental issues.

Dr. Ilya Freyman, your Longwood, FL, dentist, can repair chips, cracks, decay, and more with a dental crown. Crowns are a durable, functional, and attractive way to restore your tooth.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is like a cap for your tooth, which is made of tooth-colored porcelain. A crown fits over the damaged tooth to conceal imperfections and protect it from bacteria and future damage.

Why might I need a dental crown?

Injury, decay, and weak enamel can lead to damage which may require a crown. If you have any of the following issues, a crown could be the solution:

  • Chips or cracks in the tooth
  • A void from a cavity or root canal that can't be filled
  • Protrusions on the tooth
  • Severe discoloration
  • Uneven surfacing

What are the benefits of a dental crown?

A dental crown improves the function, look, and health of your tooth. Your dentist in Longwood, FL, will scuff off some of the surfaces of your tooth to make room for a custom crown. Your crown will be cemented in place and cured under a light to make it durable and secure. Your crown is designed to match your natural teeth for a seamless appearance.

In addition to restoring the look of your tooth, a crown prevents further damage or decay to your tooth by protecting it from bacterial growth. You may also find a crown that makes it more comfortable to bite, chew, brush, and floss.

Restore the look, feel, and function of your tooth with dental crowns from your dentist in Longwood, FL. Call Dr. Freyman at (407) 260-0224 to book an appointment.

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