Maintaining Your Dentures

Your Longwood, FL, dentist just told you that you need dentures and you aren't sure how you feel. Even worse, you feel uncomfortable handling and working with these devices. Thankfully, Dr. Ilya Freyman can help you better understand the different care methods necessary for this treatment method.

Proper Cleaning Your Oral Care Devices

After eating, you need to remove your plates and run water over them to remove food and other debris particles from their surface. This simple step takes only a few seconds and is pretty easy to execute. It shouldn't require too much-specialized attention to achieve, though you will have to make sure you hold them so that the food runs down their sides and not up on top of them. 

Before putting your plates back in your mouth, brush inside of your mouth with a soft-bristled brush and carefully wash every area of your gums. You don't want any excess food particles hanging around in your mouth to damage your oral devices potentially. You also need to brush them very carefully using a simple toothbrush to break apart any debris. After this, they must soak. 

Place your Longwood, FL, dentures in the appropriate cleanser provided by your dentist. They must be soaked overnight in this cleaner to keep them strong and in great shape. Make sure that you rinse their surface off before returning them to your mouth. Doing so will help minimize any gagging or vomiting that may occur due to the soaking solution used for these tools. 

Other Steps

If you want to keep your oral devices strong and secure, it is crucial to take a handful of other steps. These include a myriad of simple options that will help to ensure that you don't have to get replacements sooner than you'd hoped:

  • Visit your dentist regularly to get checked for any potential problems with your device 
  • Avoid harsh toothpaste or strong cleaners not made specifically for these devices 
  • Stay away from boiling water when cleaning and avoid hot drinks
  • Minimize how often you handle them to prevent damage 
  • Get them refit if they do not fit comfortably in your mouth 
  • Use great care when positioning them properly inside of your mouth 

We Can Help!

Are your Longwood, FL, dentures not cutting the mustard for you anymore, and you aren't sure what to do? Why not call Dr. Ilya Freyman right away at 407-260-0224? First, we'll do what we can to help you understand your care options and minimize the impact that poor dental care may have on you. Then, we'll take steps to ensure that your oral devices are strong, secure, and protected.

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