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Let Dentures Give You Your Smile Back

How dentures from Longwood can help you

If you are about to have teeth removed, or you are missing teeth, no doubt you’re wondering if dentures are going to work for you. If you dentureshave worn dentures for a long time, chances are your dentures move around more than you want them to. In all these cases, there is an excellent, innovative solution to provide you with a fully functioning, beautiful smile; it’s called implant-supported dentures! Dr. Ilya Freyman in Longwood, FL wants to help you discover how dentures give your smile back.

When you choose dentures, you want a denture that fits great and doesn’t move around. You also want a denture that is beautiful and looks the most like your natural teeth. You want people to notice your smile, not your dentures! Dr. Freyman has several denture options for you to consider. He may suggest:

Mini-implant supported dentures, perfect for people already wearing dentures; mini-implant dentures will increase the comfort and fit of your dentures. They are about half the cost of conventional implants, and can be placed in a simple office visit that takes about an hour. You will notice your denture fitting tighter, with increased stability immediately after the mini-implants are placed.

Implant-supported dentures, the perfect choice for a permanent, stable, natural-looking smile; implants actually help preserve the bone in your jaw, even creating more bone which fuses with the implant. Your implants are placed in the office, and after placement, you may be able to wear a temporary set of dentures immediately, or you may go through a healing period before permanent dentures are placed. Dr. Freyman will recommend the method which is best for healing of your implants.

For people who don’t wish to have implants, your dentist in Longwood offers conventional removable dentures and partial dentures. He will provide you with all the facts about denture options, to help you make the right choice for your smile.

You deserve to have your best smile and implant-supported dentures can help. Dental implants have a 95% percent success rate, the highest of any surgical implant! Get the best when it comes to your smile. Call Dr. Freyman in Longwood, FL to find out more about how dentures can give you back your smile. Call today!

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