How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

Root canal therapy isn't anything to fear. In fact, they could just be a smile-saver.

If our Longwood, FL, dentist Dr. Ilya Freyman has just told you that you need a root canal you may be a bit nervous about your upcoming Root_Canaldental procedure. It’s completely normal to feel this way; however, it is our goal to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible when getting the dental care you need for a healthy smile.

The most obvious sign that you need a root canal is severe dental pain. The pain is letting you know that the dental pulp inside the tooth is infected or inflamed. This happens when bacteria gets inside the tooth, which can occur if the tooth is cracked, has severe decay or has experienced physical trauma. While root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the decades, all the advancements in dental technology and techniques mean that it’s now possible to get a completely painless root canal.

If the infected or inflamed dental pulp isn’t removed the infection will continue to spread further into the roots of the tooth. At some point the damage will be so significant that the tooth cannot be saved. In some cases a person may even think that it’s easier to have the tooth extracted rather than undergo root canal therapy; however, this is a myth.

Anesthesia can easily numb away any discomfort you might feel during a root canal (sometimes more so than with a tooth extraction). Furthermore, a root canal is designed to treat the cause of your pain. Therefore, once the damaged pulp has been removed you won’t have to deal with the toothache any longer.

By turning to our Longwood, FL, family dentist as soon as a toothache appears we can often save the tooth with this simple endodontic treatment. Nothing is as good as having your own natural teeth; therefore, the goal is always to preserve your teeth whenever possible. A root canal can protect your smile and prevent the spread of infection to the jawbone and neighboring teeth. Plus, you won’t have to spend time and additional money trying to replace the tooth.

If you are experiencing a toothache or other dental problems in Longwood, FL, you want a dentist you can see right away for root canal therapy. Call Dr. Freyman’s office today at (407) 260-0224 to schedule an immediate visit.

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