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Don't Give Up On Your Smile
By Ilya V. Freyman, DMD
June 16, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out how dentures could finally give you back your smile.dentures

Dealing with severe tooth loss can really impact not just your oral health but your confidence as well. If you find that you are too embarrassed to smile because of the state of your smile, it’s time to talk to our Longwood, FL, dentist, Dr. Ilya Freyman, about whether or not dentures could help your regain a full smile.

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, then dentures could just be the easiest and simplest way to get your smile back. Dentures are customized oral prosthetics that has a gum-like base and a row of teeth. Dentures come in two main types: complete and partial. Partial dentures are ideal for those who still have some healthy teeth left, while complete dentures are best for those with total tooth loss.

You may be ideal for dentures if:

  • You have good oral health and you aren’t dealing with active decay, gum disease or other issues. Any oral health problems will need to be treated or under control before you can get restorative dentistry.
  • You should be dedicated to properly caring for your new teeth. Even though they aren’t real teeth, dentures still require special maintenance to ensure that they stay healthy and strong. If dentures aren’t properly cared for this can lead them to become warped, broken or damaged.
  • You want a restoration that is friendly on your budget. Whether you want to be smart about your finances or you just don’t have the money to put into other tooth replacement options, dentures provide a cost-effective treatment that is available to anyone. If you want to talk about budget-friendly dental options feel free to ask our Longwood general dentist.
  • You don’t want to undergo surgery or invasive dentistry. While dental implants are the closest thing you can get to real teeth, not everyone wants to undergo multiple surgeries in order to get a new smile. If you are looking for a quick, non-surgical option then dentures could be it.

Whether you have questions about getting dentures in Longwood, FL, or you want to find out if you are the ideal candidate for this restorative dentistry, then give our office a call today to schedule your no-risk consultation. We are here to help you maintain the best smile possible.